Erectile Dysfunction

The TRTed & TUF Survey Results


Joe McLean, BSc, MRes
March 17, 2024

Our Survey

Here at TRTed, in collaboration with The Urology Foundation, we conducted a survey of 2,000 men across the United Kingdom, to learn more about men's understanding and perceptions of erectile dysfunction (ED). The survey divided participants by region and age, and participants were presented with a number of questions. Here, we present the key takeaways from our survey.

Nearly 1 in 2 men would not visit their doctor if they had ED

Nearly half of the surveyed men would not visit their doctor if they had ED, which is a persistent challenge across men’s health issues. As an alternative, men are increasingly turning to online sources, exposing themselves to unregulated online supplements or purchasing non-prescription/over-the-counter pills. The results underscore the enduring social stigma associated with ED, as four out of five men refrain from discussing their concerns with friends or family members.

More than 3 in 4 men do not know ED is a sign of heart disease

78% of men surveyed were unaware that ED is a recognised sign of heart disease. These concerns are heightened by the fact that a large proportion of men are not visiting their doctors to address their ED. Professor Albert Ferro, a Cardiologist and Professor in Clinical Pharmacology from Kings College London, addressed the survey data and commented:

  • ‘’The findings highlight that more work needs to be done to raise public awareness of ED as a possible early marker of heart disease, and to encourage affected individuals to seek early medical attention no matter what their age so that further tests can be done. Prompt diagnosis of silent heart disease is important because this will allow preventative treatments such as statins or blood pressure lowering treatment to be started at an earlier stage, thereby helping those individuals to live longer healthier lives.’’

It is interesting to note that a significant portion of men, specifically 63%, believe that ED is a natural consequence of the aging process. This statistic emphasizes the importance of raising awareness among individuals that ED is, in fact, a urological disease and should not be considered a typical aspect of aging in isolation.

Nearly 3 in 4 men are not aware of treatment options for ED other than an over-the-counter pill

74% of men are not aware of other medicinal treatment options for ED other than over-the-counter pills. This lack of awareness may contribute to why so many men turn to over-the-counter pills to manage their ED and may also prevent some men from seeking treatment from their doctor. 15% of men surveyed were not aware of any treatment options at all for ED.

4 in 10 men do not consider treatment necessary for ED if it arises below the age of 50

A significant proportion of men, specifically 40%, consider seeking help for ED unnecessary when it arises before the age of 50. This statistic suggests that while several men recognise the importance of intervention regardless of age, there are still many who are not aware of the importance of treating ED at any age it presents. This is especially important as the younger the onset of ED, the stronger predictor it is for future cardiovascular events.

More than 3 in 4 men would be more likely to seek help for their ED if they know it was a sign of heart disease

With the well-established links between ED and cardiovascular disease, 77% of men would be more likely to visit their doctor if they were aware of this. This highlights a strong opportunity to raise awareness of the potential health implications of ED and to encourage men to visit their doctors.

Final comments

We are deeply committed to raising awareness of men's health issues and will ensure that this data is used to continue producing easily accessible educational material and support for men. Our ultimate objective is to provide men with resources that enable them to feel comfortable engaging with their healthcare professionals, regardless of their health concerns.

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