We are happy to be contacted by organisations or charities with shared values of improving health outcomes in men. Please contact if you would like to partner with us.


We are partnering with testhim to help spread awareness and share educational resources on male fertility. You can learn more about testhim by visiting their website

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The Urology Foundation

We are working alongside The Urology Foundation (TUF) to help raise awareness of erectile dysunction. See our joint campaign, and learn more about TUF by visiting their website.

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Klinefelter's Syndrome Association

TRTed is partnering with the Klinefelter's Syndrome Association (KSA) to help share resources and raise awareness of Klinefelter Syndrome. Visit the KSA website to lean more.

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The Cardiovascular Research Trust

The Healthy Heart Charity

We are partnering with The Cardiovascular Research Trust, The Healthy Heart Charity. A charity that provides a platform for insights and learning to promote good heart health. You can find our interview with the charity chair, Professor Albert Ferro here. Visit their website to learn more.

Partner with us

Contribute to TRTed

At TRTed, we strive to produce the most engaging, scientifically accurate, and balanced content that meet our high standards of publishing requirements. If you are a healthcare professional or experienced health writer and would like to contribute to the TRTed men’s health blog, please contact 

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