Does your job influence your sperm?


Joe McLean, BSc, MRes
January 4, 2024

For many men, the connection between their job and sperm health may initially appear unrelated, but recent research has shed light on how certain occupational factors can significantly impact male fertility. Beyond the traditional culprits like smoking and poor lifestyle choices, the modern workplace environment and the demands of certain professions may play an important role in determining sperm health.

Men with physically demanding jobs may have a higher sperm count

A recent study into the potential effect of occupational factors on sperm count found men with physically demanding jobs have a higher sperm count and concentration than physically less demanding jobs.1  

The study, conducted on 377 men in a relationship and seeking fertility treatment, found men reporting heavy lifting with their job had a 46% higher sperm concentration and a 44% higher sperm count than men who reported never lifting or moving heavy objects for work. The study also found that men who work non-day time/ rotating shifts had a higher sperm count and concentration than those with standard day time working hours Read the full paper here!

The research is relatively scarce

Although the research on the relationship between job-related factors and sperm health is relatively limited, taking proactive steps to stay active throughout the day is undeniably beneficial, especially for those with office jobs. While we await more comprehensive studies, it's certainly a good idea to remain physically active.


  1. Mínguez-Alarcón L, et al. Human Reproduction 2023;38(4):529–536.

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